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  // Making – Connections //  => a visual encounter and  drawing line to connect, my previous work (see microscopic color circles at: Project 4.5: Colour) and ideas of sculptural paintings How scale matters (estimated 1:300 – my paint circles versus large scale street installation) How found objects, ‘canvas’ like, could be considered as urban […]

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Writing on the Wall – a review

‘Writing on the Wall’, an exhibition at at Waddington Custot, London Before going to the exhibition, I was wondering what to expect: graffiti, scribbling at the wall, ancient signs. Considering contemporary art and my coursework for part 5 on words, I had mixed feelings about it: would it inform my work? Would be distant me? […]

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Fine Art – practice, research or what?

What is Art? What is Fine Art? What is Fine Art education? This question is certainly a question with will no final answer. And to embrace this uncertainty is fine to me. At the London study day in May, Emma Drye asked us to reflect on the question what research means to us and  what […]

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mono-ha // encounter // ephemeral and transient

While being in London, searching for galleries open on Monday, and eventually went to Cardi Gallery, London for a mono-ha exhibition: ‘Tribute to MONO-HA’ (13 March – 26th July 2019). I had some idea about mono-ha, in the Western World often related to ‘the School of Things’.  Another view on this Japanese art post-war art […]

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Underground Poetry #artontheunderground

a combined version at:   Title of the work: Underground poetry, take a pen, move on the paper from left to right back and force while moving, at station make circles till moving again, change the pen, each second station rotate the paper continue till your final destination Words embedded: names of the underground […]

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Oscar Murillo ‘Manifestation’ at David Zwirner, London

Oscar Murillo (b. 1983) is shortlisted for this year Turner prize. He went through an amazing painting career with global single shows at major places and fairs.  His large paintings were on show titled ‘Manifestation’ at David Zwirner Gallery, London (June 8—July 26, 2019). Entering the gallery was a fab experience, as most works are […]

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Frank Bowling at Tate Britain

Frank Bowling (b. 1934 in Guayana) is an abstract painter still working today from his London studio at the age of 85. My tutor suggested to visit the currently major retrospective of his 60 years of work at Tate Britain (31 May – 26 Aug 2019) At the beginning , I was not sure whether […]

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Collaboration as Parallel Project // P5.2 – Ex5.2: Reflective exercise (Part a)

This was going a bit different than just a straight forward parallel project. The outcome was realised and performed aka screened in a private viewing event at Toynbee Studios, London E1 6AB on 20th July 2019 with the support of OCA (Caroline Wright and Carla Rees). The work consisted of an approx 10 min visual-music […]

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A4- Self-Evaluation

How am I doing against the criteria? Demonstration of Technical and Visual Skills During this assignment I was more concerned to move away from mere experimental testing of materials and to explore more certain features of one material, through combinations and through action onto the material. But also to see the performative aspect of the […]

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A4 – Submission

My submission for assignment 4 consists of this page and sub-sections of the blog menu ‘Assignments – Assignment 4‘: Development of work: Assignment 4 – Painting through Skin Assignment 4 – Contextual Notes: Considering a wider context and artists informing my assignment work. Assignment 4 – Reflection: Self-evaluation against assessment criteria  (for a full list […]

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