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This is my last entry in my learning diary of this blog. It will be updated begin/mid December after getting my assessment results My submission for assessment arrived today on time for the deadline to meet at Barnsley. My critical review was received on time by assessment team for plagiarism check. So far, so good. […]

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Parallel Project

Parallel Project – Staging dislocated and disruptive narratives   Parallel Project – Editing visual materials  

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A6 – Reflection on Tutorial

Our main focus in the last tutorial for assignment 6 was the review of my discerned assessment portfolio and supporting works. There was not much to change or adjust. During the tutorial I came to the conclusion that I will take out assignment 3 completely as they would not fit that well with the more […]

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A6 – Critical Review – Final Draft

After feedback on my revised draft, I pulled up the key items that I need to consider in my final draft less dense and less informative more reflective and critical engagement more emphasis on materiality, process, and visual aesthetics to relate strongly to my practice and interest of materiality transformation and vulnerability of the body. […]

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A6 – Self-Evaluation

How am I doing against the assessment criteria?    Demonstration of technical and Visual Skills Looking at my proposed assessment portfolio, it looks more convincing with regards to material choice. However, mostly earlier made work selected, do show some weaknesses related to edges and color. I decided to keep them as such as it is […]

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A6 – Reflective Account

  Living through the skin of materiality   How medical imaging becomes materiality for transformation in my practice   Developing assignment 6 meant to look back at the body of work created during this course. To step back to see and discern whether there is a red thread, a theme, a common interest, showing through. […]

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A6 – Independent Pre-assessment Review

From start to … Time to look back, back on my works produced, time to fine all of them, displaced in various locations (do I sense my subject matter coming through as my way of living?). Also about my failures, the ‘real’ one, my struggles, but also my highlights. Last not least, all about my […]

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A5 – Reflection on Tutorial

This course is now coming to an end, and I am quite satisfied with the way of working with my tutor through tutorials, from which I take the notes she is amending afterwards. I am very pleased to hear that my small intimate series of Be Small was considered as one of my strongest works […]

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Living through the skin of materiality   transformation – crossing boundaries vulnerability – fragmentation transparency – materiality   From repetition and failure from a bodily performative process towards a performative materiality   Dear assessment team, Below, in a different format, the parts of my submission for assessment. Further below the links to the respective six assignment […]

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A6 – Submission

Critical Review link to final draft: PDF  (link to previous older revised draft: PDF )   My pre-assessment portfolio: A6 – Independent Pre-assessment Review   Parallel Project – Staging dislocated and disruptive narratives Please, see see also the supporting materials The work (stage 2) was prime viewed and screened on July 20th, 2019 at Toynbee […]

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