A2 – Submission

My online submission of assignment 2 consists of the following sections, available as subitems in the blog menu (Assignments – Assignment 2):

  • Assignment 2 – Reflection: Reflective account and self-evaluation against assessment criteria
  • Assignment 2 – Contextual Notes: Considering the wider context of my performative paintings 
  • Assignment 2 – Sculptural Painting: The evolvement of my assignment work including still and moving images, consisting of two streams: ‘Object-Box’ and ‘Spatial-Box’

(for a full list of submitted items please refer to the content list)

My separate items are submitted physically and/or shared with my tutor via GDrive, here the respective links to readers of my blog (content list as pdf):


A Performative Journey


The Object-Box / Paint4OCA (online only, shipped to OCA for SHOWCASE)

Object Box - PAINT4OCA

Object Box – PAINT4OCA

part of my submission is the link to the page that was connected through an QR code on the box:

OCA SHOWCASE@oxo Gallery



Fabric Wall Box #2

Fabric Wall Box #2

Two Side Box

Two Side Box



My Reflective Account:

This part was strongly inspired by my struggle in finding an appropriate worktable that works with my life of frequent travelling. Packing my art stuff in a suitcase on my travels, I was wondering how these objects could play a role as part of me, a kind of self-portrait.

Objects I used to draw with were too precious and eventually I made a mobile box with found objects from my direct studio environment, dysfunctional and mostly packaging things. The box became my companion and inspired me to perform with and out of it. My relationship with ‘useless’ items informed my coursework and assignment work. Throughout this part up to assignment my performative box was a key element.

My work played around fetishism, play, performative magic, and establishing entertaining relationship subject-object. I worked flat on the floor, on the wall, on a table, in space. I build maquettes, and more boxes in all varieties. Objects were made and replacing others. I found that painting them out was a constant factor in making sense of what I was doing. I developed a raising awareness of how paint can conceal, activate, uniform. I crossed medium specificity with performative and animated videos and considered painting as an ‘event’ as John Latham once stated his view on artworks.

After a frustrating start and a long relocation break, I could feel some direction surfacing. With different experimental approaches and strong motivation and desire I worked and painted out things. Initially, I couldn’t see how my works and experiments from part One could be further developed or integrated. However, I developed a sense of looking at edges, frames, gesture and control & chance in a different and repetitive way, resolving my struggle. Once more I became aware that only through making my next steps become clearer. All contextual researches were beneficial in that sense only, that I could relate during my reflections how to see and look at my works in a wider context. It turned out to be fun. Especially my large-scale Walking Through Painting stretched certainly the scope of one exercise. I was pondering to use it as my assignment piece. Nevertheless, the work I did for it informed my final Object-Box. My visually mapping out thoughts, contextual references and work done supported me in following through a complex journey.

Peer feedback received supported me in coming to some conclusions for myself. The work presented are mostly not finished works, maquettes and sculptural sketches informing my way forward, e.g. my personal project and critical review.

Some works are not resolved yet, e.g. Spatial Box and the approaches with Two Side Box and the idea of archive. On the other hand, the work Object-Box aka Paint4OCA is more resolved and I plan to submit for SHOWCASE OCA.

I can see how my work on object-subject relationship and staged animations is crossing over to the next part, focusing deeper on human interaction with already some work done during this part.

 (word count: 493)

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