Living through the skin of materiality


transformation – crossing boundaries

vulnerability – fragmentation

transparency – materiality


From repetition and failure

from a bodily performative process

towards a performative materiality


Dear assessment team,

Below, in a different format, the parts of my submission for assessment. Further below the links to the respective six assignment pages. Main compilation of my submission can be find in the shared assessment package in GDrive 

Overall Evaluation:

I have chosen these works as my portfolio as I believe, and my tutor supported in my discernment, that they do reflect best my main interest and art practice. I didn’t submit all assignments. Also, some substantial work made in part 2 related to objects, and in part 1 and 3 relating to my bod performance didn’t make it into the portfolio.

My main interest resides in aspect of material transformation, vulnerability, fragmentation, disconnected and displaced imagery and narratives. Informed my medical imaging, my practice gravitated more and more towards materiality negotiations, transformation, and exploring the aesthetics of materiality in reference to skin.

I am interested in more than the outer surface and more than just two sides. It is the in-between space that reveals its visual depth.

My portfolio is about materiality, and my sketchbooks are an important part of my negotations and investigations. At times they are heavily worked through, their weight can be seen as a reflection of the process.

My supporting work are expanding the experience of the portfolio. They give more insight in the process of making and various perspectives on seeing. Both aspects are important aspects in my practice.

I am satisfied with what I achieved and learned in this course. Hopefully, my submission can convey my enthusiasm and excitement.


My Portfolio 

see also assessment pack in G-Drive

My supporting Works

see also assessment pack in G-Drive


My Sketchbooks

I submitted four sketchbooks physically (one A4 and two A3 for coursework, one A3 dedicated to my parallel project)

see also assessment pack in G-Drive


My Asssignments:

Assignment 1

A1 – Submission

Assignment 2

A2 – Submission

Assignment 3

A3 – Submission

Assignment 4

A4 – Submission

Assignment 5

A5 – Submission

Assignment 6

A6 – Submission

Critical Review:


Parallel Project: 

Final outcomes at:

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