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I Early Life

Far away, crossing the borders and jumping on the next train or plane, I was chasing my dreams of fulfillment and wholeness. After having some difficult and life changing times, I understood how important if would be to follow my passion and early childhood dreams of drawing, painting and making art.

Next moves

Time elapsed and eventually I took the decision to embark on my new journey in art. I am now following a BA (hons) Fine Art degree with the distant learning college (OCA) of the University for the Creative Arts (UCA), ranking at 21st in the overall League Table.

To serve community and supporting people, I am working part time as art therapist, mainly in the area of humanistic client and solution focused expressive art. Besides that I work as a life coach.

I love art

It took nearly three years to complete my first level HE4, facing turbulent times with work and art and eventually it became clear that I need to move further – and faster. That’s what I want. With this course, I am starting my next academic level (HE5).

I’m am very excited as I learned tremdously over my first three course units. After shaping my drawing and painting skills, embracing experimental approaches and filled like crazy one sketchbook after the other, I looked on art theory, critical thinking and art in cultural context during my Visual Studies course.

With all this and with some ideas matured through my personal projects at the end of practical course units, I am ready to embark on my next level of artistic interrogation and exploration.

My main interest resides partly related to my art therapy profession in the psychological dimension of human life in daily encounters, and partly in the conditions of that life in an ambiguous temporal-spatial continuum.

What I’ll did

Starting off with drawing 1 I  didn’t know what will overcome me, but with great support from my tutor and support from peers, I went through it in more than one year and found exctement in my personal project of recalled sensations, site experience and large scale emboried work with river mud. During painting 1 I had to overcome my struggles with paint and more focus on preparation my stuff before staring to paint. My personal project brought me into contact with psychological dimension of the uncanny and human coniditions of ‘lost in space’ feeling alongside memories. Last not least, my visual studies pushed me beyond my ealier superficial context researches and I do have a not only a good understanding of what influenced what and why and how, but also will see my own postition sharper in the journey ahead.

My past and current learning (b)logs with OCA towards BA (hons) Fine Art.

Level 1 (HE 4)

Level 2 (HE 5)

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