A6 – Submission

Critical Review

link to final draft: PDF

 (link to previous older revised draft: PDF )


My pre-assessment portfolio:

A6 – Independent Pre-assessment Review


Parallel Project – Staging dislocated and disruptive narratives

Please, see see also the supporting materials

The work (stage 2) was prime viewed and screened on July 20th, 2019 at Toynbee Studios, 28 Commercial Street, Spitalfields, London E1 6AB with the support of The Open College of the Arts, UK (Caroline Wright, Carla Rees).

Remark: in order to have the best experience of the work, it is recommended to listen with good headphones with a frequency range down to 20Hz or Soundsystem that can cope with very low pitches.

Phases and stages of walk through 

Stage 2 is the main outcome of the parallel project through my collaboration with music student Vicki Downey.

  • Stage 1:  Draft V1
  • Stage 2: Mindful Resonance Interaction (MRI) – Live screening on July 20th at Toynbee Studios, London
  • Stage 3: Abstract – stepping back to abstract from the narrative and finding more coherent visual work – on hold
  • Stage 4: Speech-scape – informed by words and sound embracing the invisible 
  • Stage 5: Triple room installation – audience invited – in progress




Backstage imagery – Raw visual imagery edited out

Visual Imagery (painting, performative painting, moving images, performances) that one could not experience on 20th July 2019 at Toynbee Studios, London

Please, follow this link to a dedicated page on this blog featuring all visuals edited out:

Parallel Project – Editing visual materials

Spin off ideas and unfinished ideas: acrylic disc, patient gown revealing inside, humming string , live performance as ‘killing repetition’, meditative space through audio-visuals


Supporting Material 


My reflective account

A6 – Reflective Account

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