SHOWCASE: Moving images as painting ? Request for peer feedback

Moving images, animated paintings? A struggle of a Fine Arts student trying to push painting.


// projection and reflection //

// surfaces and screening // 

// performance of light and color //


The edited work – ‘Moving with Shifting Colors‘ (01:02 min)



Questions that would support my further development:

  • Could this be seen as painting in contemporary sense?
  • Which one is more convincing, successful?
  • What would be needed to make them stronger?
  • What could be an appropriate scale to show? (assuming these would be further developed and strong enough to end up in a gallery)


Reflection on feedback received (31 March 2019, link to thread)

  • overall, a positive response, thus not completely ‘crazy’
  • video no. 2 perhaps more convincing, for its closer view, more ambiguous?
  • it could benefit from more slowing down, as well as looping (was intended) and been screened on ‘monumental’ scale (e.g. Tate boiler)
  • as long as the work is convincing and intriguing for the audience, it would not matter whether there is a deeper meaning or been classified as painting or not
  • edited version at top of this page (slowed down by half, deleted black screen at the end with some end cropping, and deleted transitions to have a more effective loop experience)
  • another comment was that the video (no2) could benefit from a better camera stability. An aspect that certainly makes sense when looking at it as finished work and at a monumental scale. A more conscious movement of the camera could work as well in context of the viewing experience. The experience could possibly lead to dizziness or a shifting away (what might be an interesting layer considering ‘dissociation’ as a mental shifting away)
  • Would like to get more feedback from others – so please ! 


two videos presented for feedback on March 31st, 2019:

Video 1: 0:22 min


Video 2: 0:35 min



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