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As a frequent traveler I am used to live with and out of a suitcase. I am moving with a mobile studio in a suitcase.
The suitcase becomes a box to be unfolded and to be used, to be engaged with, to play. As a routine and a ritual. 
The objects in the box are seeking attention, concealed in the closed box, and enforcing the beholder to unfold, to reveal.

Desire drives process.

We place ourselves into a relationship with objects around us. We believe we decide how we pay more or less attention, We think we control what is precious and what is trash.

The Object-Box is performing.




This is my contribution to OCA SHOWCASE Open Call,  October 2018


Stefan513593 - A2 - Object Box - Paint4OCA - Instructions

Instructions for unfolding the box (2:29 min):

Inventory list of box:

Stefan513593 - A2 - Object Box - Paint4OCA - Inventory


Further information of background and development of OBJECT-BOX are available at: https://ocasp.stefanvisualart.com/?p=3308

Artist: Stefan J Schaffeld (QR vcard)

Stefan513593 vcard

Further information on the project SHOWCASE are available at: https://discuss.oca-student.com/t/showcase-open-call/8108?

Contact: coursesupport@oca.ac.uk or

to include:

  • name, student number and a short blurb about your work with any submission, physical or digital.
  • Any assembly instructions and if you would be happy for your work to be potentially handled by members of the public.


  • Oct 7,2018 at 9:23 AM

    This reminds me of childhood and how the box that a toy in generally outlasts the toy for play value. My daughter’s only just thrown recycled the box that my printer came in, it became a boat, a car, a plane… your box looks like a theatre set, it reminded me of the set design episode in Design on Netflix. All the very best with it!

    • Stefan
      Oct 7,2018 at 10:02 AM

      Thanks, Kate – agree, at times the package is more interesting than content. Could be true for some artworks as well, when form outperforms content or subject .

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