Assessment Criteria

Formal assessment

(from coursematerial p.10 – v2017)

What to submit for assessment:

  • An edited selection of work from the five practical course assignments including any changes brought about through feedback from your tutor. Discuss which works to submit with your tutor who will advise you. Selected preparatory work which is clearly differentiated from your Portfolio Submission.
  • The parallel project (begun in Part Two and then worked on throughout the course and within Assignment Six).
  • A 2,000 word critical review on a painter or movement, this should be submitted as a sixth assignment, but you should be working on this alongside your other work (send both physical and digital copies).
  • All your tutor reports must be uploaded to your GDrive folder.
  • Your sketchbooks, learning log or blog url.
  • Overall evaluation
  • Only work done during the course should be submitted to your tutor or for formal assessment. (accessed on 20 Nov 2017)


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