New Music Collaborative Project

I am quite excited to work with fellow music student Vicky Downey on a collaborative project under the lead of Clara Rees and Caroline Wright. It was fantastic news to hear in my first call with Vicky on March 18th that she is excited to work on MRI as a project and to explore together through visual and audio works the idea of it. 

On March 20th we had our first group meet with others students who will work mostly in pairs on fine art-music ideas. The project will find its grand finale on July 20th with a live performance in UK (venue – tbd)

I am glad to work with Vicky on this project and I want to incorporate it in my parallel project for this course. Certainly a topic for further discussion with my tutor.

Vicky and I agreed on to set up a team drive, and to start with open ideas re MRI.  Aspects we want to explore are: bodily experience, appearance & dispappearance, image & sound, physical properties of MRI (protons spin, resonance), transforming data, slicing, mind &  body (Descartes). Both of us find good inspiration in Jean Dubuffet’s ‘CouCou Bazar’ (VernissageTV, 2016) and Rashaad Newsome ‘Shade Compositions’ (Furnace, 2017)

I will  document our conversation in a log and my notes will be done in my parallel sketchbook (see Parallel Project – Mapping ). I will ensure that my contribution is clearly documented.



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