Some further reflection

In the google groups one fellow student was asking for some advice and my feedback given were more as a message to myself on what supported me during this course so far. Here some bullet points:

    To experiment beyond what one might think are painting media, including physical and digital materials.
    To go and visit contemporary exhibitions as much as possible. It may not spark the moment I am visiting, but it may resonate with my work at a later stage. This really helped me to find a wider context of what I am doing.
    To establish a certain routine with learning diary and thoughts that may come through the day. I tend to record myself with a voice tracker now. I have to see whether this is sustainable or just one step of constant changes.
    To take the researches just as a springboard. It might sound easy but in keeping a freedom in how to interact with mentioned sources, looking aside and trying to connect things I learn. To read and to try to put as much as possible in context with my own work. That means to make work repetitively.
    A key question for me is time: how deep do I want to get into things? Is it because I want to do it for me or to deliver on deadlines? A struggle continues.
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  • Anonymous
    Oct 13,2018 at 1:35 PM

    All of your points resonate for me also. I agree with your comment about time – at what point do you stop? It’s very hard sometimes to leave things hanging.

    • Stefan
      Oct 13,2018 at 5:15 PM

      Sue – it is, besides the question of whether a work is finished or not. Now, that we experiment more and crating finished works is not the goal , the question shifts towards what I mentioned. How are you dealing with that? I think this question will be there al the time, commissioned work might give you an external deadline – works for yourself is endless

  • Oct 6,2018 at 1:11 PM

    All sorts of interesting comments here. I agree about exhibitions. I used to feel i was going to see all sorts of things with no obvious connection to the course I was doing, but now, I dip back into photos and notes kept on them when I see connections left, right and centre. I think I’m now experimenting with not just using a notebook but trying to use it almost every day to make a note of things. The problem is actually developing the habit of following up on the bright ideas! And the question of depth is one I’m now thinking about – I think I treat each project the same as an assignment.

    • Stefan
      Oct 6,2018 at 8:58 PM

      Thanks, Jennifer – can relate to treating project like assignments. Certainly something I was pondering in my last project ‘Walking Through Painting’. Opens the question what intrigues us and what assignment means beyond a work submitted to our tutor. A grand final? A consolidation? More depth? The question of habit also a good point that goes beyond OCA

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