Parallel Project and Critical review – thoughts on how to get there

Stefan514593 - Parallel Project - sketchbook

There are two options at that moment that I feel are relevant to what I want to explore with my work:

  1. MRI as medical imaging technique and how we try to make sense of visual information in finding a Self and identity. MRI especially on brain imageries as experienced personally this year. Some more background information in my earlier post
  2. Informed by my work during part 2 the question how we relate to objects around us, mundane, daily objects. How painting can explore and raise awareness of what makes us to decide whether an object is precious or trash. References to fetishism in modern terms as explored by Hartmut Boehme in his book (2012)

I was interested in folding and unfolding (see my earlier post) in context of Deleuze and the Baroque. I can see how the brain structure is a folded object, and how object relationship do unfold on us through an questionning of subject-object relationship. The latter very much in context of my own practice and work with structural constellation work. It might that all aspect could come together. I am just afraid that I would loose focus and time and space to look deeper, not wider.

I related my MRI idea to Bruce Nauman and his exploration of visual imagery, moving images, recordings, topography and appropriation of contemporary visual imagery Composite Photo of Two Messes on the Studio Floor (1967) as well as to Hito Steyerl and her appropriation of mass media and simulation visual technologies to address socio-political power structures. 

During part 2 I worked on parallel ideas that intrigued me and where I really didn’t know how to embed them in other works or how to make sense out of it at a more elaborated level. 

Stefan514593 - Parallel Project - glitch and striations

Fig. 1: glitch and striations – coding and concealed information (Sketchbook)


Stefan514593 - Parallel Project - multiple viewpoints

Fig 2: multiple viewpoints -perspective in space (installation maquette)


Stefan514593 - Parallel Project - striations in spatial painting

Fig. 3: striations in spatial painting – detail from my ‘Walking Through Painting’ (see:

Some of these elements moved in my decoding and communicating visual information: from barcodes to QR codes. One need to use a gadget, a tool to decode, to obtain hidden information. Something, I can related to medical imagery as MRI. The ordinary person can not ‘read’ them, as if all are the same. Revealing needs more information.

Truly, something I want to discuss with my tutor.

Featured image: sketchbook exploration with screenshot from HOROS, imagery from my brain


  • Böhme, H. (2012) Fetischismus und Kultur : eine andere Theorie der Moderne, Rowohlts Enzyklopädie, 3rd ed. ed. Edited by König, B. Reinbek, Hamburg: Rowohlt Taschenbuch Verlag.
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