A2 – Self-Evaluation

How am I doing against the criteria?

Demonstration of Technical and Visual Skills

Throughout this part, I was facing the challenge of transforming performative and process based visual and emotional experience into a sculptural painting. I experimented with moving images, animation, sketches, object-collages and human scale walking through painting. Some works stayed on a sketch level, not very much in depth and detailed revision of painting. I do consider most of the work created as temporal and experimental work. I am not sure whether these would make it to an exhibition at all. Frustration ended in event-painting. However, I explored different perspectives of how to paint and how to see a painting, in space, on a wall, or in a sketchbook. I felt a raising awareness for edges and shapes and relationships between them. I used color very selectively and intentionally, mostly reflecting on my initial object-box, saturated colors, mostly blue and red, acting as activators. 

Quality of Outcome

I moved one step after another though this course, created works that were built on learning and outcome before. I followed a common thread of objects and my relationship to them, at times in a fetish manner. Peer feedback helped me to get more clarity on my direction. Various sidestreams evolved, and with more time I could have spend much deeper on each of them. My weak point still to come faster to focused decisions. The most elaborated work is Walking Through Painting, one that I was struggling with wether it is exercise or already assignment work

Demonstration of Creativity

I explored various territories, not being afraid neither of scale nor medium. Overall, I approached the tasks set with a wide open experimental mind, trying to find all kinds of variations. I am not sure whether this is part of a ‘voice’ or just procrastination. At times it was less about following through a red line.  I hope and wish, also for the sake of better focus and time management to come faster to decisions and funnelling down ideas quickly. Also to avoid being side-tracked by other ideas coming in.


I looked at various artists and took from them elements that I found relevant to my work. At times I was surprised, that artists I looked at in the past and at exhibitions finally made sense. I could for example relate in such a way much better to Mark Dion and Abraham Cruzvillegaz. I followed further the route of not knowing what will come out of my doing. I was guided at times by some quotes, at times by few elements I picked from one or the other artist.


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