Object-Subject performance (cat)

‘Things perform for you’ – was a subject in part one. At that time I tried to capture traces of our cat with paint, a failure and disaster. Now, with working more with objects, a new approach – ideation and becoming.

Playing with our cat Dobby with simple things and objects, paper and cardboard, otherwise waste. And moving objects: table tennis and squash ball



  • to use the multiple folded and unfolded paper, partly teared, as an object in my work – reminiscent of my A1 work
  • To engage with object relationship and way of exploring as a way to approach my sculptural paintings – reminiscent of Abraham Cruzvillegas exhibition ‘Autoreconstruction: Social Tissue’ visited this year
  • The difference in size and scale – curiosity and play – object as mean for play; questioning my approach to objects
  • Meanwhile, I exchanged the nearly completely torn apart paper (last image, in the background) with a new one, wrapping paper that is four times folded in a box (still from one of my moves in the US, U-Haul). I noticed that the new one’s surface is so smooth that it is hard to build it into space. Over time, with our cat making all sorts of marks and folds, 5ge paper became more robust, stabler to stand in space. Folds to stabilize, like those construction elements cross crossing large metal fire standing constructions, e.g. bridges
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