Studio Mapping (amending my studio reflections)

Stefan513593 - studio space - gestural mapping - feature

I felt the desire to amend my studio reflections through a more visual exploration. As I took first some photographs with different viewpoints, I tried to take printed versions of those and map them out in my sketchbook (double page A4 – Fig. 1)

What I experienced was a disruption in felt experience and spatial perception. Did I try to map first more accurate according to spatial distance, I understood the near impossibility of my endeavour with the photographs at hand. Eventually, I grouped those that made physically more sense. At the end, I finished with a scattered map of pictures, and a first approach to connect gesturally with lines and some descriptive map icons.

Stefan513593 - studio space - photographic mapping

Fig. 1: studio space – photographic mapping

I knew that photographic reproductions would be limited in reflection my embodied experience in studio space. My second attempt, with gestural scattered markings walking around in my studio space, responding to what I saw, what drew my attention, unmediated, more of placing myself into a visual relationship with that space (Fig. 2). I used pencil, ink pen, gouache paint in layers, to differentiate various steps of my exploration of space.Last steps was my interaction with what I’ve done, how the visual image looked like, and used some water to make some gestural connecting washes across the surface. 

and my second approach as gestural mapping:

Stefan513593 - studio space - gestural mapping

Fig. 2: studio space – gestural mapping


The color swaps seem to advance (triggered my my eyes wandering to some colored objects on a table or shelf) . There is no real sense of representation of my studio space as a deadpan flat one-point view camera would see it. A medley of gestural sensations, abstract markings, and some figurative pauses of rest (with some play). I am aware of how the color swaps activate the ground and the other elements, as well as how they relate to each other. The question of balance and tension is surfacing.

These two attempts took me around 5-10 min. My reflection took approx more time. 

How to proceed? To keep the momentum of curiosity and wandering around in space, to explore and to make my gestural strokes where they want to be. And to increase awareness of relationship between activating and resting elements

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