A1 – Self-Evaluation

Assessment Criteria

Demonstration of technical and Visual Skills
Materials, techniques, observational skills, visual awareness, design and compositional skills

I decided to follow my curiosity and interest to work in two assignment projects, one related directly from a previous exercise work and the other from some previous exploratory work. I was trying to follow through certain steps that would build on previous experience. But I would consider, perhaps because of not focusing on one project alone, as at times too superficial. There are certainly areas that need more attention, not only deeper but also in quality and professional execution. So far I enjoyed the experimentation, to work in different places (inside, outside) and to try to embed new aspects (e.g. painting with our cat).

This part and the assignment work made me aware of documentation and recording as a key element in making. As a newcomer I need to learn more basics before being able to produce substantial outcome. 

I worked in my sketchbook more in collage approach, with printouts for photographs of my works. I am not satisfied so far as I didn’t work enough painterly in my sketchbooks, At the moment they are more a visual diary. 

Quality of Outcome
Content, application of knowledge, presentation of work in a coherent manner, with discernment. Conceptualisation of thoughts, communication of ideas

I considered this part as rather experimental and therefore I was less concerned with high quality of outcome. I tried to produce some meaningful results as part of communicating with others and in creating my blog posts. At times, especially in the folding work of this assignment, I continued to work beyond the initial performative painting to produce some aesthetically ‘pleasing’ results. I am not sure whether this was more to satisfy appearance of whether to seek more knowledge. At least, the fragmented collage The Puzzle of Gesture gave me more insight. 

In Dog Shit Performance I was a bit more concerned with the performative part and the creation of meaningful moving images. This is what I posted for peer review, discussed in two hangouts and finally edited further for another review.  This helped me to understand not only technical questions of producing moving images, but also the relationship of auditory and visual information.

Overall, I am aware that possibly I did just too much in the scope of this assignment.

Demonstration of Creativity
Imagination, experimentation, invention, Development of a personal voice.

Some works were guided by the scope of the coureswork, whereas the two assignment attempts derived from my exploratory, not knowing, and not over thinking rather playful experimentation. I tried to work performative, painterly. I was concerned with recording and documentation. And I was occupied in consolidating my efforts in a visual form (photographs, video, moving images, collages). The complexity of the different dimensions made me aware of the importance working in a studio (or outside) in a more structured way (e.g. my 2 mins daily gesture drawing for 12+ days at the beginning). 

I felt that with some structure, creativity could easier flow. To record my intermediate results through voice tracker and in my sketchbook was not only one way of reflection but also created new ideas that I would not have come up with without. I did appreciate the peer discussions and feedback with new ideas, and contextual meaning.

Reflection, research (evidenced in learning logs). Critical thinking (evidenced in critical review).

To reflect on my work I used over time my voice tracker, to be able to record anytime, anywhere. I also appreciated more and more the visual engagement with material and sketches in my sketchbook that enabled me to look at what I’ve done with some distance as well as creating new ideas.

Some works might have been more or less inspired by other artist (see my contextual notes), peer feedback supported me to look at a wider contextual scope and to see my work in a different perspective. 

I am quite critical to what I did, not quite satisfied, felt at times too superficial. There are certainly some ideas inside, and others might see the simplicity of e.g. the short moving images sequences are valid in its own right as ti expands viewer’s experience. However, it seems as if I am trying to look deeper, or wider. What drives me? What context am I seeking for? At times I felt my work has more meaning for me if placed in a context. 




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