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Today, we had a splendid general hangout with students and Clive as tutor to discuss and talk through some projects and topics. I took the opportunity to place my recent gestural and performative work Washboard (Laundry) to the discussion (see the link). I posted the video, the image of the process and the final images of the ground and sheet. 

I was curious to hear how other responded (unfortunately as I posted it quite late and only today, not everyone had teh chance to look at it).

Some responses:

  • hypnotic video, sound reminded of noises in the house
  • reminded of photographic process
  • reminded of IRA ‘dirty’ process (Hunger process between 1972 and 1981 in North Ireland where IRA imprisioned inmates were smearing prison walls with their own excrements in 1978)

I explained what I related it to and could see that personal responses truly depend on situation, environment and experience (or news read).

Interestingly, participants tended to see the video as a necessary element in context with the final images. 


The video I made was more as a reflective tool to review what I did. Although, I found some inspiration in making it (otherwise I wouldn’t have put that time into it), I am still wondering how my performative painting could get to another level. I do feel quite nervous about it, to put myself and not objects up.

I like the accociation with photographic process, as through my shellac and gum solution there is certainly some material chemistry ongoing.

I found the perhaps farer fetched association with the IRA ‘dirty’ process quite intriguing as it leads on another level to sanitary requirement, cleaniness, washing and gestural movements. Gesture as performative protest. In art context one could consider Pollock’s action paintings, Shiraga’s mud performance, or Antoni’s  Loving Care also as gestural performative protest. 

Questions to me: Do I want to go in a kind of painting as protest? Or to use gestural performative painting to raise questions around such topics? Or what would I like to get from painting, besides an experimental interrogation, more insight in myself or more questioning? Would my work tend to be more activity, material, or external requirements related? More to think of…

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