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A1 – Another attempt of Failure

Gesture of Dirt – Removal or Not

Gestures are human non-verbal mean of communication. A gesture could be seen as an intend, a sign. Certain actions are not so pleasant, they might be considered as unavoidable but necessary, up to each person to follow – not. The absence of gestures leaves sign of intent. The wider context of our gestures might be a space of imagination, or relate to a social life. The repetition of gestures may become absurd – or a failure.


The gesture of taken away dog poop while walking on a path, an intend unpleasant, repetition would be an absurdity in a Sisyphean sense. The signs available indicating intent, and expected, socially agreed actions. Seeing them trigger ideas of gesture. This performative painting will try through repetition to reflect on body movement involved in the intended action of taking away dog poop, and use the disposable and available bags as my painting tool. How it will evolve and how I can sustain it, will possibly lead to knowing – or not, addressing failure and success as part of intent.

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A1 – One Attempt of Failure

Folding and Unfolding – a human gesture

We tend to repeat and follow certain patterns, not knowing when to re-direct our attention and whether to follow through to a bitter end. What seems to be clear and complete turns into loss and fragmentation.

This performative work is trying to address failure and success as part of creation. It questions the concept of painting as a mere image to hanging on a wall, or as a process itself equally important.  

Folding as process,
Folding as thinking,
Unfolding as knowledge


Skin is a vulnerable material, but it is also a highly sensual and responsive elements in our life. Though folding and unfolding delicate wet paper sheets reminding of skin, I will feel and response to repetitive actions till a result will occur. A result that can be of any kind, emotional, cognitive, material, pictorial. In failing to repeat endlessly, the material itself dictates my painterly expression through leaving traces of paint and marks (pigments and water). The part of my assignment will eventually lead towards chaos, fragmentation, total failure and disaster, or towards meaningful painterly expression.


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