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A2 – Submission

  • A2 – Submission
  • A2 – Submission
  • A2 – Submission

My online submission of assignment 2 consists of the following sections, available as subitems in the blog menu (Assignments – Assignment 2):

  • Assignment 2 – Submission: This page with list of submitted works (full content list provided)
  • Assignment 2 – Reflection: Reflective account and self-evaluation against assessment criteria
  • Assignment 2 – Contextual Notes: Considering the wider context of my performative paintings 
  • Assignment 2 – Sculptural Painting: The evolvement of my assignment work including still and moving images, consisting of two streams: ‘Object-Box’ and ‘Spatial-Box’


My separate items are submitted physically and/or shared with my tutor via GDrive, here the respective links to readers of my blog (content list as pdf):

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